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I came to Dr. Clark with two cervical vertebrae that were herniated, and three that were bulging. After a number of treatments I was almost pain free. My life has been returned to me, I enjoy skiing, snowmobiling, motorcycle riding, and I am going to attempt a short triathlon in the summer.

Doug F. - Elma, NY

In 2005 I had two discs fused together. Before I had decompression both arms were in extreme pain, to the point where I could not sleep, it hurt during the day and especially while driving. The relief has been as complete as my first surgery without the surgery.

Donald P. - Batavia, NY

I was very glad I was a candidate for this treatment. I am pain-free and am able to play basketball, dance, workout and exercise.

Dennis H - Dunkirk, NY

I suffered for 30 years with neck, shoulder, and arm pain as well as dizzy spells. Today I am normal and even able to bowl again.

Mike. M - Buffalo, NY


I have had neck and back problems for the last 44 years. I was passed from doctors to neurosurgeons, to bone specialists, to physical therapy consecutively for two years. I am pain free now and feel excellent.

Dianne B. - East Aurora, NY

I had multiple herniated discs in my low back doctors told me surgery was my only hope, after my 18th treatment on the DRX I was pain free.

Kathy V. - Verysburg, NY

I now have my life back and once again am working full time. Thank you DRX-9000 and Dr. Clark.

Michelle C. - Buffalo, NY

Two surgical recommendations for spinal fusion, I chose the DRX-9000 instead. It was a great alternative to fusion for me. I am now functional again.

Dave B. - Lackawanna, NY

I worked as a registered nurse for more than 25 years with bulging discs. After treatments on the DRX-9000 I am symptom free.

William C. - Salamanca, NY

Finally here is a safe and enjoyable procedure to dangerous surgery and recovery. Being pain free and active once again with the freedom to live a normal life is the best gift you can give yourself.

Ann M. - Hamilton, ON

I started spinal decompression and the relief was immediate. I was very skeptical of surgery and am glad I didn’t try it.

Isidro R. - Cheektowaga, NY

I am pain free and am glad I didn’t have surgery.

Tom K. - North Tonawanda, NY

And now I will resume my normal activities such as aerobics, golfing and walking. I can not say enough good things about the DRX-9000.

Patricia C. - Lackawanna, NY

MRI showed 3 herniated discs causing back and leg pain. DRX-9000 has taken all the pain away and has made my life worth living again.

Don D. - Angelica, NY

I limped into Dr. Clark’s office, no pain after 11 treatments I would recommend the DRX-9000 to anyone.

Sue B. - Hamburg, NY

Thank you for a job well done, in fixing my two herniated discs.

Jerry K. - Springville, NY

I have my life back and can do things I haven’t done in years. All I can say is if you are a candidate go for it. It is an investment for your quality of life.

Jay M. - Buffalo, NY

I highly recommend Dr. Clark and his excellent staff to anyone suffering back pain.

Pete A. - Alexander, NY

No words can express my gratitude to Dr. Clark and his wonderful staff. Thank you for giving me back a normal life style.

Robin B. - Buffalo, NY

I had two consultations with two surgeons both recommended fusions. I am glad I had the treatment and the sessions did not hurt at all.

Christine Z. - East Aurora, NY

Fell off a latter at work and herniated discs in low back. I tried cortisone shots and physical therapy with no results. Finished treatment and feel great, I am now able to sleep through the night with no pain.

Steve P. - Salamanca, NY

Over the past few years my flexibility and mobility started to decline until I could no longer stand for more than a few minutes, and any physical activities was severely restricted. After about 3 weeks (9 sessions), I was relatively pain free and my ability to physically function increased dramatically.

Al Z. West - Seneca, NY

I had been suffering with disc herniation for 8 years. Standing or sitting for any length of time would become painful. Shortly after finishing the treatments I went on a tour that required an 8 hour plane ride and lots of walking. The test was a smashing success!

Anne L. - Lockport, NY

I was in a snowboarding accident. The doctors told me I had a lumbar strain and I would be fine in a couple of weeks. After a year, sharp pain would shoot up my back and literally paralyze me. I am now able to work a whole day without having to go home and go directly to bed.

Dustin G. - Attica, NY

Before coming to see Dr. Clark I suffered with severe low back pain, sciatic pain, numbing from the waist down and overall discomfort and pain. Although I’m not at 100% better I’m over 80% and getting better every week.

Thomas B. - Tonawanda, NY

By the end of the program I felt I had improved as much as 95%. I could do just about anything I wanted without all the pain I previously had. The office environment is friendly, encouraging, upbeat and positive.

Ray B. - Forestville, NY

I had tingling and numbness in my hands and feet, and was in constant pain. I felt like I was in a fog all the time, with no energy, and lots of pain. I didn't want to go to work or participate in normal activities. The progress I have made since beginning spinal decompression is much less pain, more energy, the numbness is gone, and more zest for life!"
Daniel wendt-Stanwood

"I had terrible low back pain, that shot pains down my legs. I couldn't walk very far, and my right leg would give out under me. The back pain was so bad I had to try and sit, but was worse getting up. After being treated with the DRX9000, I have an unbelievable difference in what I can and can't do. Most days I have NO PAIN!!" Judy Larkin-Everett

"I had an extruded, herniated disc in my low back. The pain was excruciating during episodes, and would last 1-2 weeks. In between my episodes I had to limit my activities. I tried biomechanics and chiropractic, but the medical doctors said my only option was surgery. After my DRX treatments, to date my pain is gone, and I am strengthening my back and have confidance. The staff has been professional and caring."
Joe Aylesworth-Clinton

"My lower back hurt all the time for the past three years. I couldn't stand or sit long, do any housework, or walk very far. I tried shots, physical therapy, and pain medications. After DRX9000, I'd say I feel 85% better. I can now do most everything I did before my back injury. The staff is great, friendly, and I don't have to wait for my treatments."
Janice Myers-Everett

"The pain got so bad in my lower back and legs I coudn't stand or walk without support or something to hold onto. At times, the pain was so intense all I could do was sit with ice to my back and just cry. My wife read the DRX9000 report I got in the mail, and I didn't believe it. Finally I decided it was my last hope for relief. The treatments were not painful, but so relaxing I would go to sleep on the machine. I felt better after each treatment, and eventually reached 80% correction!"
Leon Conger, Edmonds

"I had a L5/S1 herniated disc, with numbness, tingling, burning, and severe radiating pain in my lower back and legs for 16 years. The pain was severely debilitating. Since beginning decompression care, I have zero pain in my lower legs. I am happier and move normally. It was amazing how much i was emotionally strained from constant pain and did not ralize it."
Bill Bennett-Oak Harbor


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